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With A Paper Bag To Do Corporate Promotional Products Unique Brand Sense
Sep 27, 2017

The types of paper bag can be divided into kraft paper bag, white card paper bag, white paper paper bag, coated paper paper bag, and a small amount of paper made from specialty paper. Among them, kraft paper bags, high toughness, tear strength, commonly used in envelopes and shopping bags of printing, white cardboard, white kraft paper and coated paper in the lowest price. White card paper bag thick, smooth, printed out after the full color, delicate texture. The coated paper is smooth and smooth, the printing effect is the same as that of the white cardboard, but the stiffness is slightly less. White kraft paper bag market prospects are most promising, environmentally friendly non-toxic renewable, but not suitable for printing ink too much content. Gray white paper, as the name implies, one side is white side is gray, the price is relatively white cardboard cheap. Black cardboard, inside and outside are black, you can make bronzing, hot silver high-quality bags. Paper bags in accordance with the backpack of the different paper bag can be divided into four kinds: open adhesive corner of the bag, the valve flat hexagonal end of the adhesive bag, open slot bottom bag, valve suture bag. According to use is divided into: medicine bags, gift bags, shopping bags, food bags and so on

The concept of environmental protection of paper bag has two, first, green, made of polyethylene plastic bags of raw materials is oil, oil is a non-renewable energy, and trees is a renewable energy. Second, the paper bag is not environmentally friendly, the production process of cutting a large number of trees to destroy ecological balance, waste water is more polluting the environment, some oil-proof paper bag can not be degraded.

Paper bag as a new advertising carrier is gradually being accepted by enterprises and the public, beautiful paper bag is favored by many city fashion people, we can see the paper market prospects are very optimistic.