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What Should I Pay Attention To When Choosing An Oil-proof Paper Bag?
Jul 03, 2017

Many people in the purchase of oil-proof paper bags before the paper bag which will do a good understanding of the better, which is to ensure that they can buy the product from the time to get the most good quality assurance premise. Many people in the purchase of these products is because they can not handle these aspects of things, resulting in their own can not get the most good product quality assurance. In the choice of oil-proof paper bags, we need to pay attention to what the main side?

1, the scene to buy, take the paper bag hand into the fingers with the distraction, in the heat with a finger top to see whether the heat sealing edge is strong.

2, the nose against the paper bag mouth smell, see if there is no strong smell.

3, you can pour water to see if there is a thorn, the nose is extremely unpleasant smell, how much money bag, if it is, then the paper bag is a poor quality is not environmentally friendly "anti-oil paper bag", then there is the view whether the crack Leaking, if it leaks it will certainly be oil can not get the role of oil. This kind of oil-proof paper bag should not be purchased This is the thing we should pay attention to.

Now most of the market is made of ordinary kraft paper, advertising paper bags, to be made after the combination of anti-oil paper bag, paper bag custom offer, gravure printing presses on the use of gravure printing, ink is also cheaper, heavy metal exceeded, environmentally friendly paper bag Production is the trend of the future trend.