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The Development Trend Of Self Adhesive Labels In Pharmaceutical Industry
Jun 21, 2017

recent years. In the national policy and regulations under the support of people in the demand for medical demand and the increasing demand for the situation, China's pharmaceutical industry has been rapid development. And this also led the pharmaceutical industry and supporting the field of the development of pharmaceutical labels, the current pharmaceutical label has become China's label industry in a focus on the development of the field.

At the same time the state of the pharmaceutical industry to regulate the remediation measures, such as the implementation of GMP certification, the pharmaceutical industry has made more standardized packaging requirements, the previous wet glue label will be replaced by various defects will be Self Adhesive Labels, and medical bottle packaging Increased use and automatic labeling of the extensive use of Self Adhesive Labels in the industry will be an absolute advantage.

At present, the pharmaceutical industry is mainly used in coated paper and mirror coated paper for the surface material of the Grain Xin paper Self Adhesive Labels material, requiring a clear label printing, text concise, especially for the use of descriptive text printing has a higher demand The As the drug on the safety, health has a high demand, so there can not be glue overflow phenomenon, so as not to cause the drug itself to adhere to the dust in the air, so the pharmaceutical industry requires adhesive coating more uniform, better surface material adaptability Sticky noodles. In addition, more and more medicinal herbs using automatic labeling, pharmaceutical labels widely used tensile strength and die-cutting performance better Glaxing paper stickers to meet the requirements of high-speed automatic labeling.