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The Development History Of Oil - Proof Paper Bag
Sep 27, 2017

We usually use the commonly used anti-oil paper bag products are generally made of kraft paper inside the anti-oil leakage of transparent plastic made of this anti-oil paper bag more and more applications in our daily diet, constantly being We recognized, because of its high recovery rate, green and simple production by the majority of the people's favorite. The following by Xiaobian to introduce you to the history of the development of oil-proof paper bags in China, see below!

The first shopping with kraft paper bags, was born in 1908 in the United States, St. Paul, Minnesota. A local grocery store owner, Dav Duvina, found a way to make consumers one-time to buy more things in order to boost sales.

Until the mid-20th century, the emergence of plastic shopping bags to become a shopping bag in the history of another large-scale revolution. It is more thin, more solid and cheaper manufacturing costs and other advantages make the scenery once the kraft paper bag eclipsed. Since then, the plastic bags become the first choice for life consumption, and leather bags gradually "relegated to second line." Finally, the scenery of the kraft paper bag can only be under the guise of "nostalgia", "natural", "environmental protection" in the name applied to a small number of skin care products, clothing and books, audio and video products packaging.

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