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Security Is Still The First Important Medicine Paper Box To Promote High-end Development
Jul 03, 2017

The international market for pharmaceutical packaging materials requirements are very strict, Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries on the direct contact with the drug packaging materials have developed a detailed laws and regulations to protect the health and safety of consumers, for pharmaceutical packaging requirements higher. Whether the pharmaceutical packaging materials can meet the requirements of the US Pharmacopoeia and the European Pharmacopoeia, and whether to understand the relevant registration procedures, will directly or indirectly affect the domestic enterprises can enter the international market.

The medical Paper Box is the smallest form of the world's most popular shelves for the display and carrying of the packaging, which carries more and more value and ancillary functions such as preserving and protecting drugs, identifying and promoting sales and value added, providing safety for patients Protection and so on, and more and more shows the environmental protection, innovation, economy and other characteristics and advantages.

Insiders pointed out that along with the pharmaceutical companies continue to market new high value-added drugs, the pharmaceutical packaging requirements continue to improve, before the traditional form of packaging has been unable to meet the requirements, so the corresponding emergence of a lot of quality problems, concentrated on the finished product packaging : The use of new packaging materials, in the traditional sense of whiteboard, white cardboard, there have been color paper, multi-layer composite paper.

Pharmaceutical companies believe that drug safety is essential, in the packaging, including Paper Box, including pharmaceutical packaging should be responsible for improving the safety of medication. At the same time, convenient, anti-counterfeiting packaging can also arouse the confidence of consumers on the quality of drugs. With the gradual liberalization of the pharmaceutical market, pharmaceutical companies on the requirements of drug Paper Box is getting higher and higher, which prompted China's pharmaceutical Paper Box packaging industry toward large-scale, professional development, high-end pharmaceutical Paper Box packaging market competition will become increasingly fierce.

Xiaobian that the Paper Box is still the mainstream of the current pharmaceutical packaging, the domestic production enterprises must improve the safety and compatibility of packaging materials, to ensure the quality and safety of drugs to contribute.