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Quality Of The Paper Box
Jul 03, 2017

Paper Box Packaging The printing industry in recent years, the momentum of development is very rapid, but to produce high-quality Paper Box packaging to meet customer requirements, must be done in many ways excellent. Paper Box die cutting quality is one of the important point. Die-cutting machine is an important equipment for the processing of paper Paper Box, die-cutting quality of the quality of the Paper Box will not only determine the success of the subsequent production, but also will directly affect the quality of goods packaging and promotional effects of goods.

Paper Box packaging printing enterprises in the purchase of die-cutting machine should pay attention to the following points.

1. According to the market situation and product structure to determine the die-cutting program, flat pressure die-cutting method and round pressure round die cutting methods have their own way, flat pressure die-cutting method of production flexibility, low tool costs, suitable for small batch short version of live production , But the production efficiency is relatively low; round pressure round die cutting tool with high cost, suitable for large quantities of long version of live production, such as cigarettes, milk boxes and so on.

2. In the purchase of flat pressure die-cutting machine should consider the compatibility of equipment, according to product demand to determine whether to buy hot stamping and automatic clean waste device. Hot stamping is a high-end packaging printed matter an important surface finishing process; automatic clean waste device can reduce the labor intensity of workers. Increase productivity.

3. In the purchase of round pressure die-cutting machine, but also a reasonable analysis is to choose the connection or offline mode. Connection mode of high production efficiency, equipment manufacturing control technology requirements are higher, we must choose a strong technical equipment manufacturers: offline flexible operation, production easier to control, but the production consumption will rise.

Good machinery and equipment is to produce high-quality products, a strong guarantee that enterprises should value the selection of die-cutting machine this link, so as to make their products more market competitiveness.