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Plastic Box Innovation Is Not A Single Technical Concept
Oct 18, 2017

Plastic box innovation is not a single technical concept, is the plastic box manufacturers to respond to market changes, grasp and lead the market and continue to reorganize the production elements of the change.

With the plastic box industry to increase competition, enterprises in order to better development, only to take the road of innovation in order to develop new blue ocean.

Plastic box manufacturers to closely around the market for product innovation, technological innovation, market innovation, resource innovation and mechanism innovation, improve product environmental performance, speed up the development of new products, timely introduction of the market in urgent need of products, adhere to order production, to provide custom specifications plastic box, Can do better and stronger, steady development.

Plastic box manufacturers of large-scale rise, market competition continues to intensify, homogenization of the plastic box manufacturers will inevitably become the current development of the situation facing the industry. When the homogenization of the industry as a "hidden rules", plastic box manufacturers can only rely on business to reduce costs and improve service quality to achieve sales.

Plastic box manufacturers do not have their own brand positioning and future development planning. This result directly caused by the industry brand image, as well as the convergence of brand association.

Many plastic box manufacturers responsible person said that differentiated business has been talking for many years, but it is difficult to differentiate on the product, the best embodiment of the brand differentiation is the marketing and service soft power.