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Innovative Three-layer Self Adhesive Labels Production Process
Jul 12, 2017

Currently on the market fast consumer goods competition increasingly homogeneous, high-end generally have to seek a more personalized design to demonstrate its brand image, the overseas market has been widely adopted, but the domestic market is also rare in the three-tier label increasingly domestic manufacturers Favored. In short, the three-tier Self Adhesive Labels is the label on the surface of the composite three-layer size, shape consistent with the label surface material, mainly used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry. Among them, the cosmetics industry, especially the bottle of small containers such as lipstick tube, eye shadow tube, is inclined to use a large number of layers of material on both sides of the three layers of graphic labels, so that in a small space to get more product information The Colleagues because of its complex process, the ability to do more than the requirements of the suppliers, so that both products have a certain anti-counterfeiting function.

As the three layers of Self Adhesive Labels selection and process is more complex, especially the two intermediate layer printing and isolation of silicone oil layer with a little technical process or improper production process control is not precise and accurate, it may lead to product quality collapse. And because the silicone layer, the glue layer of the flow of the lag, so that the quality of the problem to be in a long time to reflect, to the quality control caused by greater difficulty. At the same time three-tier label for rotary label presses and other hardware requirements are quite harsh, the market can achieve such a requirement of the manufacturers are now only difficult to find.

As the most competitive label on the market, our company has been committed to providing innovative label solutions for a wide range of consumer and industrial products over the years. Its many years in the launch of a large number of research and development and production in the three-tier Self Adhesive Labels, in the production process and special materials with the accumulation of a wealth of experience in the plastic ink printing strength and isolation of silicon oil layer curing stability are unique Of the technology is the Guangdong market is not much dare in the three-tier label quality stability of the two-year commitment to quality assurance commitment to the professional manufacturers.

The company's three-tier label is currently a large number of high-end cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food companies, especially in Europe, the Australian market gradually formed a stable customer network. I Division to provide three-tier Self Adhesive Labels, the quality of its stability and excellent service that the market is widely recognized, can definitely become your product for the harsh competition in the market crowded.