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How To Fold A Gift Box?
Jan 04, 2017

We all know what gift boxes, then you would fold a gift box? Did own fold, in fact,is quite beautiful hand-folded, to operate below it.

Remove the squares of white, diagonal, another pair on the corner are folded and open;

One corner of the two edges of the diagonal fold together, leaving clear the crease in the other three corners is repeated;

We will see in the middle of square origami creases of the Octagon, Octagon along two adjacent edges folded to form triangular protrusions; also on the right sidefolded in the same step eventually formed two triangles protruding;

Large triangular projections, opened flat from the Middle, screaming on both sides of the Middle open, pulled screaming form the petals, and repeat other stories,put it up, forming a square gift box.

Step too complicated, but easy to understand, we can operate with their own hands the next.