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Gift Boxes Should Pay Attention To Color Matching
Jan 04, 2017

Of life we have seen a variety of gift boxes, good quality, bad quality of the themewith a reasonable, unreasonable, subject-focused, but not the goods, overall gift box color matching is crucial. We more or less know about gift boxes, gift packaging plant to introduce color below, more comprehensive understanding of the gift culture.

Color match is very important, if the match is not good, is the most direct feedback, allow the user to directly have a reverse psychology, which is taboo in sales, so the color match is critical, convergence is to coordinate between the color, give thefeeling of fresh, beautifully designed for us is the best possible rating, but also a test of design talent. Select mix in green vegetables and fruits in General, highlighting product features and eye-protection, more gift box options using bright colorsto match, under the premise of not grades, to improve product quality.