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Environmental Paper Bag Are Becoming More And More Important
May 26, 2017

After the introduction of plastic limit, some of the color, shape, different materials, environmental protection, paper bag have been listed, to a certain extent, has been recognized, paper bag manufacturers began to introduce large bags to promote environmental protection. So how many times the environmental protection bag than plastic bags environmental protection?

The study found that paper bag used three times to be equivalent to the impact of disposable plastic bags on the environment. Although the paper bag is easy to degrade, but it is easy to break, low loading capacity, poor moisture resistance, short life, generally less than 3 times will be discarded. To increase the oil, water and solid performance, many paper bag also installed a plastic film, also introduced a kraft paper bag.

So if you use environmentally friendly paper bag, then you use it as much as possible for several years, so that it really achieve environmental protection. After all, this is the purpose of their appearance. Environmental protection bags instead of plastic bags may not be able to fundamentally solve the pollution problem, so we also need to develop a conservation, do not throw garbage a good habit.

Now more and more international to promote environmental protection, the domestic also issued a plastic limit order, so the paper bag is more and more important, and many companies in order to promote their own, will choose custom paper bag, paper bag custom materials to how to choose?

First of all, the most common paper is white cardboard, and because of its strong texture, the general thickness of 210 grams bearing 3 to 5 kg is sufficient, of course, if it is heavier leather or other items, with 250 grams of white card bearing effect will be more Good, and the printing effect is also good, affordable, generally in the high-end products of choice. Coated paper is a less commonly used material, its quality is much lighter than the white cardboard, the conventional thickness of 175 grams, the printing effect and white cardboard, the same also need to film, the price and white cardboard almost The

In recent years, many foreign large-scale brand clothing bags popular use of about 180 grams of white kraft paper, they use white kraft paper is more foreign production, this paper bag is more portable, not particularly large, because of its load Less than white cardboard, but the printing is not easy to change color, and no film, its price is the highest of all kinds of materials, Kerry gift bag manufacturers often import this material. Of course, there are also the use of cattle leather material, and its price is cheaper than the following coated paper, but the printing effect is less than other materials, of course, imports are better than the domestic.

If the product output value is not high, then choose a cheap package can save a lot of cost. Gray board and double-sided white material prices are more cost-effective, it can be said that the most expensive paper in the paper a material. Gray paper, as the name suggests is one side is white, one side is gray paper, the minimum thickness of 250 grams, the hardness to be soft, printing and white cardboard almost, also need to film. Sided white and gray paper is almost, but both sides are white, the middle is gray material, the price is more expensive than the gray board, can also be used to "charge" under the white cardboard.

On the paper material to add so much, there will be time to elaborate. However, in the choice of materials at the same time, we must first pay attention to the grade and match the product, followed by blind pursuit of cheap, we must do with the manufacturers to confirm the sample, pay attention to the effect with the product, so as to avoid "discord" effect.

Through the above description, I believe you already know the paper bag custom material to choose how it! Hope this article for your help.