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Brown Paper Bag Of The Four Practices
Jun 21, 2017

Brown Paper Bag with non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, is currently the most popular international environmental packaging. If the oil-proof paper bag. Laminating paper bags instead of plastic bags in the food packaging market, then the Brown Paper Bag is replaced by plastic bags in all sectors of the position. Then we have to pay attention to the four practices of Brown Paper Bag.

First, small white Brown Paper Bag, the general number of such bags, the use of a wide range, because many businesses require this Brown Paper Bag cheap and durable, usually the practice of this Brown Paper Bag machine, machine rope, completely by Machine operated.

Second, the practice of medium-sized Brown Paper Bag, under normal circumstances, medium-sized Brown Paper Bag are machine-made after the manual hand-made rope and made of Brown Paper Bag, as the current domestic Brown Paper Bag molding equipment by molding size restrictions, and Brown Paper Bag stickers can only paste a small bag of the rope, so the practice of Brown Paper Bag by the machine's restrictions. A lot of bags have no way to make the machine complete.

Third, the big bag, there are anti-back Brown Paper Bag, thick yellow Brown Paper Bag, these Brown Paper Bag to the practice of hand-built, the current domestic can not solve these Brown Paper Bag molding machine, only hand-made, this Brown Paper Bag production costs are higher, the number will not be great.

Fourth, no matter what kind of Brown Paper Bag above, if the number is not large enough to use pure handmade, because the machine made Brown Paper Bag loss, there is no way to solve the small number of Brown Paper Bag practice.