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Brown Paper Bag Is The Most Environmentally Friendly
May 26, 2017

Brown Paper Bag is one of the most popular environmentally friendly paper bag materials in the world. Brown Paper Bag is one of the most environmentally friendly bags, and now people are more and more attention to environmental protection, so the use of Brown Paper Bag more and more people, then what kind of Brown Paper Bag in the end it?

B, paper-aluminum composite Brown Paper Bag (kraft paper composite aluminum foil); c: woven bag composite Brown Paper Bag (general bag type larger), c.

2, according to the bag type can be divided into: a. Three sides sealed Brown Paper Bag; b. Side organ Brown Paper Bag; c. Self-reliance Brown Paper Bag; d. Zipper Brown Paper Bag; e.

3, according to the appearance of the bag can be divided into: a. Valve pocket; b square bottom bag; c. Seam bottom bag; d. Heat sealing pocket; e.

Outside the use of refined white kraft paper or kraft paper, which uses plastic woven cloth, through the high temperature and high pressure to melt the plastic particles PP, kraft paper and plastic woven cloth together can be attached to the inner membrane bag. The shape of the paper-plastic compound bag is equivalent to the opening of the bottom of the bag.It has the advantages of good strength, waterproof and moistureproof. The frequent use of plastic bags to our living environment has brought a lot of pollution, the emergence of Brown Paper Bag, replacing the use of plastic bags in many industries.

With the rise of environmental protection concept and the "ban plastic order" promulgated, the use of plastic bags gradually reduced, Brown Paper Bag have become our daily life commonly used items, although kraft paper has many advantages, but China's kraft paper industry and foreign still have No small gap, mainly in the industry is not concentrated, the utilization rate is also very low. And kraft paper industry into a plagued capacity over the years, still unable to extricate themselves. However, from the developed countries per capita consumption of packaging paper data, China's packaging kraft paper market development space is still very large.

China's per capita consumption of carton types for the 20kg, the United States for 120kg. China's per capita consumption of cardboard boxes for the Indian one-half, for the European quarter, for Japan, one-fifth, for the United States one-sixth.

From these data is not difficult to see that the future packaging kraft paper in India, China's market demand will be no small breakthrough. In addition, the domestic packaging kraft paper market will accelerate the integration, with the industry to improve the standard, packaging kraft paper market strong combination of large enterprises will become a small business integration trend. Economies of scale will make the packaging kraft paper market stronger stronger, the weak are integrated or eliminated.