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Paper Bag Processing Should Pay Attention To What Environmental Philosophy
Jun 08, 2017

There are a lot of paper bag, and now the most attention is the paper bag processing environmental protection. What is the concept of environmental protection of paper bag processing? The following is the days of the United States and paper bag processing plant for you to explain the paper bag of environmental protection concept:

There are many varieties of paper bag, paper materials, variety, style is also a lot.

According to the material can be divided into: white card paper bag, white paper paper bag, copper paper paper bag, kraft paper paper bag, there are a small amount of special paper manufacturing.

One, green

As we all know, paper is a recyclable resource. Paper raw materials are mainly plant fiber, raw materials in addition to containing cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin three main components, there are other less content of the components, such as resin, ash and so on. In addition to sodium sulfate and other auxiliary ingredients. In addition to plant fiber paper, but also need to add different materials according to different filler. Commonly used plastic bags made of polyethylene are used as raw materials for oil, and oil is already our shortage of energy. In contrast, the production of raw materials for paper bag is trees, is a renewable resource. Itself has a biodegradable, recyclable features naturally affixed with a green label.

Second, not environmentally friendly

Not all paper bag are able to degrade, and some paper bag pressure plastic film, if the film material is not only for the health of human health will also be on the paper part of the normal decomposition of the material impact. In addition, the production of paper is still the use of logs as the main material, excessive production of paper bag, resulting in a large number of trees felled, the same will damage the environment. The immaturity of papermaking makes the production of waste water in the production process. If the treatment equipment is backward, it will lead to untreated or incomplete disposal. It can still pollute the environment.