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What are the material used to make paper bags?
Jan 04, 2017

Paper bags are many kinds of material variety, style, paper a lot.

Classified according to the material: white card paper bags, paper bags, wall paper, paper bags, kraft paper bag, and a small number of special paper.

According to the bag side, bottom and back cover in a different way: open seambottom bag, open bonding corner bottom bag, valve sewing bag, valve flat hexagonal end type of bottom gluing bags four kinds of paper bags.

In accordance with different hands and dig holes: NKK (perforated DrawString), NAK (no holes, corded, divided into standard has no mouth fold and fold shape), DCK (Cordless Pocket Hole handle), BBK (the tongue rather than punch)

According to the different uses: including archives, bags, envelopes, bags, bags for cement, fertilizer, feed bags, waxed paper bags bags, reusable bags, four layersof paper bags, medicine bags, garment bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, giftbags, wine bags. For different purposes, the design specifications, including the thickness of the paper bag paper has many requirements.

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