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Sticker categories
Jan 04, 2017

Stickers according to different criteria, can be divided into the following categories:

1: Using surface material: die paper wood free paper, and coated paper art paper (shading/mirror), and transparent PVC, and electrostatic PVC, and polyester PET, and Radium shot paper, and resistance temperature paper, and PP, and PC, and Kraft, and fluorescent paper, and sense hot paper, and copper wire Dragon, and Silver Dragon, and gilded paper, and silver paper, and synthesis paper (CPC/PP/HYL/excellent toughness paper/Pearl paper), and foil paper, and easy broken (security) paper, and beauty lines paper, and cloth (Thai dimension grams/nylon), and Pearl Dragon, and sandwich copperplate, and hot sensitive paper.

2: Film: transparent PVC translucent transparent PET PET transparent OPP translucent OPP bright white PVC Matt white PVC synthetic paper light gold (Silver) polyester matte gold (Silver) polyester.

3: The use of plastic: General super strong adhesive type, General-adhesive type, and refrigerated food strong adhesive type, General re opened, fiber reveal

4: Backing sheet: white, blue and huanggelaxin paper glassine (paper onion orgarlic) Kraft polyester PET polyethylene polyethylene coated paper.