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How to pick the right gift box
Jan 04, 2017

Market gift box on market variety, can also be customized gifts, a variety of classes, will make people pick and caused confusion, and different product when choosing the gift box has many different requirements, in addition to the pursuit of style,should also pay attention to fit, so that it can make your products more attractive,was widely welcomed. How to pick the right gift box, grasp some tips would be very simple.

1: Distinguishes the grade, the more upscale products, materials used should be noted, such as wine gift box category tea gift boxes, need to embody the qualitiesof wine, tea depending on the variety, can choose of high grade quality wood types, or gift box of color is a spot color, spot gold, spot silver color.

2: Different type, requirements process complex degree different, high-end gift box manufacturers has is good of making process, for example cakes class gift box, may more to focused on design sense, late of process can complex classical some, as according to type to for respectively, also can select manual design, reflected unique sex, some gift box making manufacturers will has specifically of manual making personnel, convenient customer of need.

3: On the details, and some other categories of products, more compact, throughfashion, design aesthetics, generous and affordable gift box as much as possible,people at first sight.