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How to choose a self-adhesive sticker paper
Jan 04, 2017

1. Cylinder bottle, especially the diameter is less than 30MM, careful selection of materials.

2. If the label is too large or too small, should pay attention to the actual test.

3. If container is irregular even when spherical surface, material type, thickness andadhesives for labels with specific consideration.

4. Some rough surfaces such as corrugated boxes will affect the label, corrugatedsurface of varnish will also have an impact.

5. Automatic labeler labels, labeling test can if necessary.

6. Even if the label is at room temperature, pressure-sensitive labels, pay attentionto export transit and is experienced in the use of high temperatures.

7. How water or oil will affect the adhesive characteristics, such as, should pay attention to labels labeling environment and temperature.

8. Sometimes plasticizer soft PVC surface leakage, to pay special attention to the selection of a suitable adhesive.