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Gift box packaging materials are available
Jan 04, 2017

When we look at a beautifully wrapped gift, exquisite gift box packaging for gifts considerably, but for a gift box packaging plant material and how many know? Today we take a look at gift box packaging plant material what, which is the most popular, what characteristics.

Paper products, now seen on the market are Hebei, paper gift box packaging, material costs are relatively low, and is easily biodegradable characteristics, environmental characteristics, is undoubtedly the best material.

Plastic products, some things have some water soluble, paper packaging box caneasily be wet, so gift box packaging plant uses plastic packaging.

Metal products, using it as a gift box, it can be said is to show features of tall, cangive us a kind of metal texture.

Bamboo products, which brings a sense of natural and simple, but generally higher cost, less gift box packaging plant selection.

Glass products, glass brings us a feeling of pure, can reveal a remarkable sense of beauty, but they are fragile and high cost, not suitable for promotion.

In short, gift box packaging plant material a lot, we can customize to suit your needs, but it should be carried out in line with the principles of conservation, environmental protection.